Misscoin is the innovative project in beauty industry! Misscoin contest will compete with the world's current renowned beauty contests. The most important difference of our contest is going to be the full transparency of all its stages due to its full implementation on blockchain. The information on all the votes will always be publicly available. Each person interested will be able to compare the number of votes given to a participant with the number of tokens at her wallet's address. We have made every possible effort to attract a professional team of experts who have already worked in the sphere to organize and develop the contest. The organizers of our project have a vast experience in carrying out extensive events and the development of large scale IT projects. The contest we are creating is not only going to be completely trasparent but will also be organized according to all the international standards. Our main objective - is to make people change their attitude to the transparency of that how beauty contests are held and organized. We are very appreciative of our investors and will do our best not only to live up to their expectations but to multiply surpass them.

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    United Kingdom





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    Rovshan Suleymanov - CEO

    Danil Fimadiyev - CFO

    Fuad Nasirov - CTO

    Julia Shumilina - Art Director

    Fazil Askerov - Software Developer

    Seymur Aliev - CMO

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