Consumption becomes Income

Consumption Becomes Profit A consumption based mining process that distributes dividends in real time A cryptocurrency to distribute dividends in real time supported by and specifically designed to work hand in hand with mainstream shopping platforms To give an analogy, if you purchase a pizza worth 20$ via the Shopcorn Platform the pizza store receives 18$ and 2$ (10% of selling price) is returned to the buyer via mined ShopCorn in real time. In this way Shopcorn provides dividends to those who spend encouraging consumption and incentivizing new stores to use the platform resulting in a virtuous cycle of win win. A Cryptocurrency that can be mined with any online transaction Utilizing Open API’s and “ShopCorn” Payment Gateway modules to carry out online transactions, users can mine ShopCorn on any platform A Global Platform Supported in multiple languages and by mainstream online shopping platforms Shopcorn aims to become a global hub of efficient spending Mine cryptocurrencies instead of points With ShopCorn’s API and Payment gateway modules users can mine cryptocurrencies on existing shopping platforms

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    Matsuyama Taizo - CEO

    Jang Dukwha - Asian Market consultant

    David Choi - IT planning

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