World without locks

Rexpax is going to become world's largest platform for sharing items with neighbors. The Rexpax app is a new service that makes the world better, as materializes the ideas of sharing economy. Rexpax gives access to the worldwide digital platform of material values. Each property or personal skill can become a smart property within the system. All the transactions are stored in the blockchain register and it stimulates the participants to honest dealing. Within ICO, Rexpax will release a cryptographic token, REXX, as a currency for in-platform payments. Rexpax users will also be able to earn cryptocurrency REXX for adding items and services, renting, sharing, inviting, and signing up new users, and adding comments and recommendations. You rent out, give away, and sell items from your virtual rooms to your neighbours and strangers, displaying your trust and helpfulness. We don’t need to spend a lot of money for the items that are used once or twice in a lifetime: Rexpax gives access to the worldwide digital platform of material values.

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  • Team

    Mikhail Siaredzich - CEO, Founder

    Artem Barouski - COO, Co-founder

    Andrei Korniushko - CFO, Co-founder

    Dmitry Kholadau - CHRO, Co-founder

    Alexander Vasiliuk - CTO

    Dmitry Haudur - Lawyer

    Vladimir Bogdanovich - Senior Back-end Developer

    Evgeny Lipey - Senior Full Stack Developer, Blockchain Developer

    Vyacheslav Dorofeychick - Senior Front-end Developer

    Olga Radyuk - UX/UI Designer

    Tatyana Parkhimovich - Marketing and PR Specialist

    Alexander Perednya - QA Lead

    Valentin Eyubolu - Lead IOS Developer

    Yanina Necker - Lead Android Developer

    Pavel Gunko - Middle Android Developer

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