Blockchain platform to turn raw data into AI for business

Dbrain is a blockchain platform to turn raw data into AI for business, linking teams of crowdworkers and data scientists to prepare Datasets and to develop and train AI models. Dbrain makes AI accessible to businesses and allows anyone to earn crypto for their effort. With Dbrain, anyone with a connected device can do simple tasks of data labeling and get paid instantly in cryptocurrency. Data scientists use the resulting datasets to train neural networks and build AI apps. Businesses use existing AI solutions or specify new ones to serve their particular needs. Dbrain has already closed the soft cap of 5M USD, reached a significant milestone by releasing the Alpha version of the platform, including a web app and a Telegram bot, and is main award winner at the biggest ICO Pitch Competition organized by d10e in Silicon Valley in 2018.

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    Dmitry Matskevich - Chief Executive Officer

    Pavel Doronin - Chief Operational Officer

    Aleksey Hahunov - Chief Technical Officer

    Ivan Gorshunov - Chief Marketing Officer

    Dima Dewinn - Chief Design Officer

    Yobie Benjamin - Advisor

    Dmitry Ulyanov - Advisor

    Ed Gurinovich - Advisor

    Vadim Fedchin - Advisor

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