Self customizing smart legal contract platform.

Self customized legal smart contracts on the Ethereum blockchain for everyone and industry to move crypto business forward securely and reliably. The creation of smart legal documents is currently posing a challenge for many organisations and individuals, particularly for those with limited developer experience. The concept has been criticised for being both costly and time consuming. DocTailor aims to address these common issues and concerns. DocTailor is a unique, automated legal document platform facilitating the creation and distribution of self customised smart legal documents on the blockchain. DocTailor has been designed to simplify implementation of a smart contract, significantly reducing associated time and cost for users. DocTailor has been developed by a blockchain-experienced team, striving to utilise the groundbreaking technology in new and revolutionary ways. Many of the team’s developers have joined DocTailor from artificial intelligence (AI) backgrounds, working to further develop the idea through AI-focused systems.

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  • Team

    Sam Enrico Williams - Founder and CEO

    Dominic Brown - COO

    Alexandrine Masse - Senior Legal Officer

    Saffron Weale - CMO

    Pavel Rubin - Blockchain & Software Developer

    Victor Khomiak - Front-End Developer

    Khaja Aleemuddin - Data Management

    David Drake - ICO Adviser

    Vladimir Nikitin - Legal Advisor - Russia

    Marco Mengele - Blockchain Compliance Executive

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