Eternal Trusts
Fiduciary Services for the Crypto World

We believe that hopes of people living today should not vanish and be forgotten: it is important to preserve present generations’ financial, intellectual, and biological heritage and make it matter in the long-term. Nowadays, one of the methods to guarantee that a person’s legacy can have a lasting influence is setting up a trust fund, a special type of legal agreement that provides a trusted third party with the right to hold and spend assets for the benefit of the trust settlor. Although unlike wills, trust funds allow to protect assets from third-party claims and avoid probate, their register systems are currently uncapable of incorporating digital assets such as cryptocurrencies and tokens, the management fees are not affordable for most people, and the range of potential purposes is constrained by the limited expert networks that collaborate with Trustees. Eternal Trusts combines hybrid intelligence technology with smart contracts to make the traditional trust funds and fiduciaries a thing of the past. ET represents a decentralized and autonomous financial means capable of making a long-lasting impact according to your own futuristic scenario. The blockchain-based “eternal wallets" of ET can operate for centuries, turning to expert-backed hybrid intelligence to seek the best providers capable of performing the grand purposes set by the settlors, be it supporting multiple generations of their offspring financially, contributing to a global charitable cause, or even extending their lives by preserving their biomaterial for the long-term. The platform attracts and incentivizes multiple pools of experts, organizations and AI-algorithms that become responsible for constantly decomposing the settlors' long-term objectives into smaller parts and seeking the most reliable providers that can complete them in the most optimal way. Moreover, when a Settlor’s objective becomes feasible, there has to be an excess of funds in management to afford purchasing every necessary component.The platform provides mechanisms that maximize the chance of growth of settlor’s cryptoassets, which are managed according to the most reliable long-term strategies, generating returns from investments in tokenized traditional asset classes. One of the important objectives of Eternal Trusts is to become the central hub that stores and guarantees the fulfillment of hopes and ideas of living generations that are not achievable at the moment but can become so in the future. The journey to attaining this goal is spearheaded by a team of leading experts in trust fund establishment, asset management and hybrid intelligence that boasts decades of top-level experience in their respective fields.

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  • Team


    MARK LEA - Head of Legal, creature and administration of trusts

    BENOIT VULIC - Chief Investment Officer, asset Management

    ARTEM ANANYAN - Chief Financial Officer

    ALEXANDER GORSHENEV - Chief Technical Officer IT, architecture of the blockchain

    ILYA SAPRANIDI - Chief Business Developer, Interaction with medical contractors

    ALMIR SALIMOV - Investor Relations, Interaction with investors

    VADIM PEREDOLSKY - Art Director, marketing

    ELENA ABRAMOVA - Artist, designer

    Randal A. Koene - Advisers

    Igor Karavaev -

    Sergey Kiselev -

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