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AvantGarde Ratings aims to be the world's leading cryptocurrency/blockchain focused rating agency. Our current product is AVG 50 - a fully diversified and risk averse portfolio that outperforms all other crypto indices. We do not charge management fees and our portfolio is currently free to use. Furthermore, we employ scrutiny in selecting our portfolio constituents and outperform our competitors who generally pick the top 20 or 30 highest market capitalization cryptocurrencies that are highly correlated with Bitcoin and therefore fail at diversifying non-systematic risk. In addition, we employ smart hedging strategies by utilizing USDT, DGD, and more to mitigate down swings while still netting impressive numbers in the upswings. Finally, our portfolio is highly liquid and has the highest number of average trading volume currently at the market. This means that you can cash out on your investment at any time instead of waiting for your illiquid position to be filled.

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    Richard Bennett - CEO and Co-founder

    Michael Schneider - Co-founder and CFO

    Nikita Ivanov - CTO and Lead Developer

    Jack Li - Chief Risk Officer

    Sarah Taylor - Marketing Director

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