BITRUST is a decentralized, easy to use, peer-2-peer cryptocurrency insurance platform based on Ethereum blockchain leveraging smart-contract technology. BITRUST platform will help protect your cryptocurrency value from sudden market drops. BITRUST objective is to serve retail digital currency investors with an average monthly trading volume of between $100 and $100,000. BITRUST smart contract can involve two or more counteragents for both those seeking an insurance are Buyers and those willing to insure are called Sellers. Insurance can be provided for situations, when Buyer places a bid on the BITRUST platform to insure a certain position; for situation with or without certain conditions; Seller may be just one seller or a cluster of sellers.

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    Alex Duhamel - CEO

    Serge Silin - CTO

    Elina Krumina - CFO

    Mihail Andreyev - Head of Product Development

    Alexey Vinar - Head of Software Development

    Oleg Lupikov - Head of R&D

    Arthur Lots - Head of Operations

    Leon Leschinsky - Head of Strategy

    Arthur Kavinsky - Head of Business Development

    Aleksandr Karev - Head of Marketing

    Denis Radchenko - Head of Recruitment Strategy and HR

    Igor Goldshmidt - Head of QA

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