NCRYPTO.IO is a blockchain platform to simplify and economically optimize interactions between businesses and individuals, rather than offer another way of crowdfunding or running so-called ICO (Initial Coin Offering). NCRYPTO.IO is being presented a mass-market product that can simplify the engagement of massive numbers of users into capabilities that the Cryptoeconomy gives. Users of the platform get a convenient instrument (Web/IOS/Android applications): -to deposit funds including fiat (USD/EURO) -to work with different currencies -to exchange at an integrated exchange -to withdraw to his/her card or bank account -to issue his/her own token or asset -to define and set its own logic of crowdfunding -to get an integrated customizing payment model to interact with crowdinvestors All of these in just one platform. The platform has its own multicurrency exchange. It avoids the need for double / triple conversion and exchanges one crypto currency for another or for fiat, using, for example, a dollar account. In this case, the network itself will select the optimal exchange rate. A special feature of the platform is the availability of a separate module for the initial offering of tokens on the exchange for a more visual and simple "crowdsale". The business logic of the token, or the rules of the "crowdsale", is formed by simply selecting the limiting conditions. The additional block-the token prospectus-makes it easy to integrate; the created token, the rules of carrying out "crowdsale" with the project's web page, and serves as a gateway for investors to carry out payments in both crypto and fiat currencies. NCRYPTO.IO platform, and its legal body NCRYPTO Networks OU, operates in a 100% legitimate framework, letting its users issue crypto assets and make crowdfunding their projects in the same way. NCRYPTO.IO platform insures that all operations of fiat transfer are done through KYC procedures (know your client) according to the Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing Prevention Act (MLTFPA) § 70 Estonian FIU. In the same way, those projects that are in full compliance with all of the regulatory legal framework of Estonia are marked as “Legally Complied”, (crypto assets and the token crowdfunding prospectus) thus letting their contributors know about these projects` legal status.

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  • Team

    Dmitriy Pavlov - CEO, co-founder

    Sergey Nemesh - CTO, co-founder

    Andrii Bulavinov - Blockchain developer, co-founder

    Dmitry Bezkorovainyi - Blockchain/IOS developer

    Svetlana Turobova - Legal

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