Entrance to crypto powered by AI and a marketplace of advisors

MoneyRebel is a financial platform that acts as a marketplace. It brings together crypto-skilled advisors and newcomers who want to explore the world of crypto. Ratings of advisors are maintained on blockchain which eliminates the problem of trust between counterparties. Platform is designed like a set of independent but connected products. Interconnecting accounts, the MR Wallet, the MR Portfolio, the MR Advisor, the news feed, and the MR fund, a crypto arbitrage product ? these are the platform’s basic features. Put the MR Banking, the MR Robo Advisor, the MR Virtual Assistant, and the MR ICO Pooling on top of that, and you get a complete financial platform for the digital age.



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  • Team

    Mitja Vezovisek - CEO, Co-founder

    Ana Vezovisek - Banking Expert, Co-founder

    Natasa Kozlevcar - CRO, Co-founder

    Urban Cjuha - CIO, Co-founder

    Miha Pulko - CTO, Co-founder

    Matjaz Mausser - Business Strategy Expert, Co-founder

    Natasa Japelj - CMO

    Goran Bosankic - Product Manager

    Natalija Presern - Executive Secretary of the Advisory Board

    Boris Kozlevcar - Legal Expert

    Mateja Kegel Kozlevcar - Marketing Specialist

    Simon Rucigaj - PR Expert

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