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Telluria presents itself as a highly advanced technological exchange system, where high speeds and reliable trading is ensured by technological solutions based in intellectual balancing algorithms and load destribution. User and asset data is secured through the use of inbuilt defense algorithms and multifactor authentications. Aside from this, Telluria provides for rapid fund deposits and withdrawals, an easy to understand interface, as well as low trade commissions. Telluria – is an innovative, new generation cryptocurrency marketplace, which eliminates the issues of existing solutions, significantly expands the possibilities of traders and allows for maximum profits to be drawn with minimal risks. Telluria goal Telluria goal – to create a cryptocurrency marketplace, free from the short comings of existing platforms, allowing for millions of secure transactions to be made every second, and thus, a platform that increases trader profits. Telluria functionality Product completion The Telluria team has created a highly advanced technological product, which is 95% complete. We conducted multiple tests, through which the systems stability under various loads was checked, as well as load increases over a short and long term period. At the moment, we have a fully functional platform base. All key Telluria exchange functions are already available. Trading reliability The use of leading technology provides for highly stable platform functionality. The combination of IMDG possibilities and scalability along with the flexibility of Google Cloud opens up a broad range of possibilities to continually increase computing power. Thanks to this, Telluria minimizes the probability of platform failures. This allows for users to earn profits and not have to worry about limited account access due to technical issues. Extensive scalability The base for the Telluria platform is the In-Memory Data Grid. This technology allows for ultra- high speed access to data on account of it being stored in Random-access memory in a distributed state. The use of IMDG provides for the execution of over 100,000 orders a second in one node. During a test of the systems test configuration, consisting of 16 servers, a capacity of 3,000,000 orders per second was achieved. Easy asset deposits/withdrawals Telluria users will be able to realize deposits/withdrawals in just a few clicks. Upon the first stage of the platforms functionality, users will be able to top up their wallets and withdraw funds in USD? and EUR?. These assets are pegged to their fiat analogues and are easily convertible. Wherein, they possess all of the benefits of cryptocurrencies, such as cryptographic security, transparency, and accessibility. Two months following the platforms launch, deposits/withdrawals of funds will be made available for users by means of bank transfers. The Telluria money is preparing all necessary documents to obtain E-money licenses, acceptable in Europe, Asia, and North America, in advance. Immediately upon receiving them, fund deposits and withdrawals will be realized through Telluria’s own payment system. As a result, these procedures will go through instantaneously, while commissions will be minimal. Adaptive KYC/AML system Telluria realizes a convenient, yet adherent to regulatory standards, KYC/AML process. Passing verification on our platform will take a minimal amount of time and will be available during any time of the day. The verification system assumes a few levels. For depositing/withdrawing funds and carrying out transactions that do not exceed 2 BTC, passing verification is not required. Filling out an appropriate form and providing necessary documents will be required in order to execute transactions of large sizes. High level of security All Telluria servers function in a controlled and isolated Google Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) state. A continuous audit of the system is done, which allows for the actions of scammers to be instantaneously discovered and thwarted. The security of personal user data is ensured through the use of modern encryption technology. Together with this, 98% of all assets within the bounds of the platform all stored on internal system cold storage wallets. Current transactions use a limited amount of assets, which is determined in accordance with estimated daily trade demand. Low commissions Telluria offers its users one of the most favorable conditions in the market. Commissions from trade operations executed by users (market makers and market takers) comprises only 0.15%. Aside from this, impressive discounts are provided to TELA token holders, which will significantly decrease commissions, which will positively reflect on profit volumes. Broad spectrum of cryptoassets Telluria opens up trade access to an as broad as possible spectrum of assets. Over 500 various cryptocurrency and ICO tokens are presented on the platform, starting from the most popular ones, and ending with the newest prospective assets. Users also have access to a huge lineup of currency pairs. The platform allows for the exchange of any liquid assets. Fork support The platform supports any cryptocurrency forks. Once a fork is implemented, and in accordance with its rules, users automatically accrue the newly created cryptocurrency. Referral program Telluria provides all registered users with the ability to receive additional passive income within the bounds of the referral program. The referral program operates in three stages: Registration - You register in the project and receive your unique identifier.; Attraction of new users - Based on your identifier, you receive a special referral link, which you can use to attract new users.; Reward reception - When a new user has registered, you are awarded with 20% of the commission for each transaction made by this user. The more people you attract, the more is your income



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    Hans-Peter Hulsebusch - Company director. Financial adviser. Co- founder of the company.

    Vladislav Chetyrkin - Company director. Coordinator of the software development department. Co- founder of the company.

    Alexander Utschitel - Head of AML / KYC Compliance Department. Co-founder of the company.

    Christian Otto Ries - Economic adviser. Co-founder of the company.

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