Golden Currency
First cash private money on blockchain, 100% backed by gold

First cash private money on blockchain, 100% backed by gold, and its infrastructure for everyday use, providing a legal and cheap link between fiat and crypto. The project involves issuance of Golden money, global bank network establishment with ATMs, bank cards, POS-terminals and crypto-fiat-currency exchange. ICO token IGCT PRE-ICO token PGCT Pre-ICO token PGCT is a VIP token of Golden Currency, providing its owner unique opportunities and advantages in buying Golden and its infrastructure services throughout all the period of its ownership, in particular: 1. Free ICO token for each PGCT. 2. Free Golden banknotes backed by gold for each PGCT at the time of the first issuance (details on the number of PGCT for one free Golden is provided in White Paper). 3. After the first Golden emission PGCT will become a discount token, providing the following opportunities: ?) to buy Golden in the amount of PGCT tokens at each Golden issuance with discount from 5%, b) to get VIP services, discounts for using Golden infrastructure, c) other privileges Enter the code sched1239713 and you will receive an additional bonus of 3%.

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  • Team

    Igor Chekun - CEO, Founder

    Lev Voronov - Founder

    Paul Glover - Advisor

    Willow Liu - Country Manager China

    Joylin Telagen - Country Manager Philippines

    Kamal Mustafa - Country Manager India

    Hendra Kholis - Country Manager Indonesia

    Sayed Ahmed - Country Manager Arab Countries

    Nguyen Vo - Country Manager Vietnam

    Ali Inanir - Country Manager Turkey

    Dean Harry - Country Manager Australia

    Quentin Herbrecht - Country Manager France

    Juarez Weiss - Country Manager Portugal

    Andrei Lipkin - Advisor, Golden Design and Issuance

    Naviin Kapoor - Advisor, Blockchain

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