AI powered Automations as a Service

Hellenium envisages to become the Amazon of service provision. Hellenium is a ground-breaking project that will offer businesses reduced cost AI-powered service provision automations using a PaaS model. These automations intend to replace their existing costly end to end processes that are based on manual labour and hardware and will be delivered through a platform using APIs. In the heart of the process is an AI-based mechanism that allows the creation of highly secure transaction-free environments eliminating all perceived weaknesses of trading with cryptocurrencies, while retaining all their advantages. We are building a new Blockchain based platform based on Ethereum that will utilise AI, Smart Contracts and APIs to deliver B2B2..B2C process outsourcing services at a fraction of the incumbent's cost. The resulting economies of scale that can reach up to 65% are expected to result in a significant reduction of service provision prices to consumers that can reach even 50%. The first group of services that will use the platform are already designed. They are all related to mobility. They address a market of $850 billion and is expected to achieve growth >300% year on year. They will revolutionise motor & travel insurance, mass transport ticketing, parking, toll & congestion schemes, road tax collection as well as car sharing and rent a car schemes. They can achieve economies of scale in excess of 70% depending on the application. The system is universal, future-proof can operate in parallel with existing schemes and can be implemented in most cases in less than 18 weeks. The Project is called Hellenium (www.hellenium.com) and it is a spinoff of an existing FINTECH and INSURTECH based in the UK. The tokens will represent shares in the business and will entitle their stakeholders to equity as well as usage and retention mining (a novel form of interest) The pre-ICO is live and running to 24/12/2017

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  • Team

    Sotiris Melioumis MB - CEO

    Dr Tatsiana Nedaseka - COO

    Dmitry Shmatov MSc - Head of Blockchain Development

    Egor Sokhan MSc - UI/UX Lead

    Arunas Rusknaitis MSc - Head of Systems Integration

    Agapi Manarioti MBA - Head of Marketing & Communications

    Kleopatra Politi MB - Head of HRM and Recruitment

    Dimitris Amitsis MBA - CFO

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